Thursday, July 25, 2013

1 Family x 12 (July)

After missing our June picture by a few days and complaining about how I always forget to grab the camera when others are around, we made up for it in July!!  A special thanks to Jamie for being the photographer for us.

These two pictures were too cute to pick just one, so you can pick your favorite for July.

I did however leave out the third family shot that involved me, in a two piece, that I probably should not have been wearing.  I'll save you all that scary picture and maybe (a very iffy "maybe") keep it filed on my computer.

*We got SO many comments on this pack for Abby.  People were so impressed by it.  I think a lot of people think that you're life ends when you have a baby.  That you can't do the things you've always loved, like hiking or camping.  We aim to buck the trend, and prove to all of our "no kid's yet" friends that it's time to get on the baby train!!!

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