Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th of July

Man, I'm late getting this post together.  Actually, if I'm honest, I'd quite forgotten about this post until I went in to start some for this week!  My normal process is to download all the pictures from my camera and organize/edit them.  Then I load them into my blog in holding spots for the post.  Then, sometime later, I come back and do the writing.  It's a long process so splitting it up helps it to seem less daunting and more like something I'd want to do for a few minutes here or there.

Anyways, here are our pictures from the 4th of July weekend.  Both Ryan and I had to work on Friday so we spent the actual 4th at home enjoying our pool and getting a few things done around the house before Jamie and Zach came over and the drinking started full force!

Don't you just love this cute little swim cap?  I can't get enough of it.  Thanks Grandma!

Despite the look on her face here, she actually loves swimming and the pool.  Last week, when I took these pictures the pool was still a bit chilly.  It was nice and warm on the first 6 inches (the only part Abby ever feels) and then it got pretty cold from there on down.  This past week of beautiful warm weather had warmed it right up though!  This weekend we swam for a good hour and it was the prefect temp.  It should almost be like a hot tub come Abby's birthday party!  Pray for good weather because we are having a pool party.

The boys enjoyed playing floating beer pong.  It's much harder than normal pong because you have to account for the waves and the wind....hence why they are so close together :O)  Well, and because they stink at it!  Thanks Chris for the awesome present.

So Saturday morning we packed up the car, and the dogs, and the baby, and headed to the KL for the rest of the holiday weekend.  The rest of Ryan's family had been out there for most of the week but we were glad we got to take part in a day or two of it.  Abby loved Gina and Gina loved Abby!  You can babysit ANYTIME lady!!  

I had high hopes of getting a few great pictures of the family...but that went down hill quick after this great shot.  So, enjoy this one great shot of the cousins.

And with that, I wish you all a very late Happy Fourth of July!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh... I totally died when I saw that adorable swimsuit and swimming cap!! She is the cutest little girl!!