Friday, June 21, 2013

Pool Time with Daddy

Ok, one last pool post for this week.  I can't help it.  We love the thing!

You can see that the water is still a little green and you can't see to the bottom yet, but Ry and I have been working on that and as of last night, we can finally see the bottom.  And, it's a balmy 85 degrees these days too!!

Here's just a few pictures of my two cuties hanging out in the pool.  This was Abby's first time in our pool.  She's been in water before in her swim classes, but I'm excited that I can take pictures now to my hearts content without having to try and hid it from the dumb lifeguards etc.

Of course she loved it!  After our little dip we headed out to the store to get a few pool floaties and some toys for Abby for when the water gets just a bit warmer.  These pictures were from last weekend, and it was still just a little chilly for her.  We've got a great floaty with a sun shade on it so I'm hoping I can plop her in that for awhile and get some Mommy relax time!

Let us know when you want to come over to swim!

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