Monday, June 24, 2013

My cousin's ride!

This weekend we were home in Freeport celebrating my mom's retirement.  Joey and Andy (and Kayden) were there too so expect a crap load of pictures of the two of them together this week.  You just can't help it when they are so stinking cute and finally old enough to start playing together.

Kayden got this cute car for her birthday and I laughed when Joey and Andy pulled it out of their Honda Pilot.  They also had Kayden, and two dogs in the car with them, so it seemed like a silly essential, but boy was I wrong.  The girls loved the heck out of this thing.

Kayden is a pro at getting in and out, closing the door and even pushing it around the house.  Abby on the other hand was only really interested in the gas cap this time around.  She just loved to open and close it.  Guess the "open close" box I have for her (don't worry, it's just an old shoe box with some toys in it), is working.

More baby pictures to come!

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