Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bath time is much more fun with two!

Hope you aren't tired of baby pics yet.  I've got one more post worth coming your way tomorrow.  I just couldn't resist these little bare butts in the tub.  They are so cute!

Abby's JUST started getting free reign of the whole tub.  I'd kept her in her little baby tub for awhile because it was faster to fill and needed less water.  But, now that she's pulling up on everything I figured it was time to move to the big kid tub.  She's lovin' it!  We just got some new bath toys and some foam letters came in the mail yesterday so I can't wait to let her play with those tonight.

My baby's getting too big!  Actually, I just noticed last night that I can no longer fit her entire body (from head to her tippy toes) in the frame of the video monitor anymore.  Sometimes I just stare at her in the monitor while she's sleeping.  I know that getting "big" is part of the whole process, but I want her to stay little!!!

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