Thursday, May 9, 2013

Iconic Baby photos - as random as this post is about to get!

Doesn't EVERYONE have at least a few pictures of them as a baby just sittin' around in their diaper?  Well, since Abby was born in the late summer it's been too cold to just let my little peanut sit around without a real set of clothes on, but Spring is FINALLY here in Hampshire and now it's time for those iconic photos.  I apologize up front for the randomness of these photos.

You can practically see the determination in her eyes to crawl.

Her "old man" neck in this picture cracks me up!

"Just a llllitttle farther...."

Lily HATES to have her picture taken.  She puts her head down or walks away so I rarely get one of her.  I can just imagine Abby's thinking "Hey doggy...where are you doing?"
Er - Abby LOVES this little doll. She's the perfect size for her. 

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