Thursday, May 23, 2013

Galena Tri

Yesterday I mentioned that Ryan ran the Galena Tri last weekend.  He does it every year.  We love this race for different reason.  He loves it because he gets to race on hills.  Although it makes it tougher, it's much more fun to ride hills than to go through flat cornfields for miles on end.
I on the other hand like it because we've got this race down to a science now!!  Ryan leaves early to start the race and Mom and Dad and I tag along just in the nick of time to see him finish.  It's pretty spread out, and transitions are hard to get to due to closed roads so instead of fighting it, we say we'll see you at the finish.  We've got it pinned down so well that as we were driving to Eagle Ridge I said to Dad, he should be coming out of the bike at 10:15.  At 10:14 I got a text that said he'd been through transition.  We parked, walked less than a half a mile.  Found this shady spot and within 5 minutes I saw mah man coming up the hill.  It was awesome!!

Let's be honest though.   All those race logistics aside, I love this race because it takes place in Galena.  That  means we have post-race lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant, Vinny's and we get to walk around historic downtown Galena.  There's a brewing company there (the boy's favorite part of the day) and a knitting store (my favorite part).

Gotta love this guy!!  He finished just one minute longer than last year's time.  But!  They changed the course this year so it's hard to tell how those times really do compare.  I'm sure the course was much longer this year and Ryan actually raced it much faster than he has in the past.  That's what happened right??  Let's stick with that story!!

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