Sunday, September 9, 2012

Still playing catch-up - Coming home from the hospital

I'm nearly caught up with all of the pictures of Abby.  I've learned my lesson....Abby gets lot of pictures and lots of face time around this blog, so I've got to make a concerted effort to keep up with posting otherwise there is no way I'll ever get caught up.  Yep, we've gone from pictures of Ryan's race, the dogs and projects around the house to all baby, all the time.  Oh well, she's way cuter than all those other things.

Gosh...she's already grown so much since this picture.  Her first car ride.

Funny story: When we were leaving the hospital, the nurse pushed me in the wheelchair (awesome...) and Ryan was carrying the car seat with Abby.  When we got to the parking garage Ryan went to go get the car, and was going to take Abby with him.  The nurse stopped him and said that he needed to leave the baby with us.  As he walked away another nurse sort of mumbled under her breath "yeah, you don't take babies in parking garages", to which I responded "Well, what's funny is that in about 1 minute we ARE going to take the baby into the parking garage.  And, if we wanted we could leave the hospital and walk around every parking garage we could find!".  It just seemed like such a strange thing to say.  What do you mean "you don't take babies in parking garages??" So weird.

Coming home....

Meeting my sisters. 

The whole doggie introduction was pretty uneventful.  We walked in the door, they sniffed her and the car seat then walked away wondering when we were going to go out and throw the ball. 

First cousin picture with grandma!  Mom looks so happy in this picture.

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