Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cousins and best friends...

Man, it's been all baby, all the time around here these days!  For those of you that are tired of baby related posts, sorry!  Abby's been all that's been going on around here these days, but worry not, we should have some moving posts coming up soon.  A quick update on that front before we move onto the cute stuff - we are HOPING to close next week sometime and have been working towards moving next weekend.  With any luck at all, we will be officially living in Hampshire, IL by the middle of the month.  Keep your fingers crossed for us, we need all the luck we can get!

Ok, back to babies.  This past weekend Joey, Andy and Kayden came back to Freeport as well so we took the opportunity to finally get some cousin photos.  We were going to try and get some back when we did the newborn shoot for Abby but Kayden was a bit fussy and needed a nap, so photos took a back seat. 

Looking through and editing these pictures, I can hardly believe that Abby will be as big as Kayden at Thanksgiving.  Man, they grow fast.  It just keeps reminding me to love and cherish each and every day and to not wish these moments away.  It's easy to say "I can't wait until she can hold her head up, or sit up, or laugh", but I just keep reminding myself that someday I will want these days back so I enjoy each and every moment I'm home with her.

Mom sent me this poem that she used to read to Joey and I when we were little, and it sure rings true these days.

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow
For babies grow up much to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

Mom said that it made her cry when she typed that out, and as I read through it here, it brings tears to my eyes as well...

I had a hard time picking a favorite, so here are just a few that we took.

"Wait...we want our paci's back!"

Kayden: "Um...Mom...I know she is little, but she is really leaning on me!"

Kayden: "I can't wait til Abby gets a little bigger and we can play together!"

The close-ups are the best, but just to give you little perspective on how big the girls are, this one is a a bit farther out for you.

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