Thursday, September 13, 2012

Representing both sides

After posting  Abby's weekly photo for this week, I got a lot of comments about how we decided that Abby would be a Packers fan, and not a Bears fan.  There's been a family rivalry around football since the moment we met.  Ryan is a die hard Bears fan and I'm a Packer fan.  So, of course, now we have a little one to raise and we've been fighting over who she will cheer for since the moment we found out we were pregnant.  Course, since she's a girl I'm pretty certain she will follow in mom's footsteps.

But, in all fairness, before we took this weekly picture, we took this one for Ryan.

I hate what she is wearing, but I will admit that's a pretty cute picture!

I've been trying to convince my mom that when she retires after this year she should start an Etsy shop called "A baby divided" and make onsies or jerseys for babies that represent two rival teams.  So, half Bears, half Packers.  I think she could make millions!!  HA.

Well, until Abby starts talking and showing a preference for her team of choice we've agreed that this is the only non-biased outfit she can wear on game day.

And, just because this post needs one more picture of Abby, here's a random one.

Go Pack, Go!!!

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