Monday, July 9, 2012

You've've's finally time for the Baby Room reveal!

Man, if I'd have known that you guys would be so excited to see what we did with the Baby's room I would have had a baby sooner.  I swear, it's the most requested post of all time.  Not sure what that says about my posts (smile) but I'll take it as a compliment.  (You guys enjoy those knitting posts too right??).

It's hard to say when the room is finally "done" but we've come leaps and bounds from where it started so here goes nothing.  We still need a few things, so use your imagination when things don't look completely done.  I'll probably do another update after all the showers and we've finally got everything in it's place, but for now, I wanted to share what we've got done so far.

Imagine a diaper changing pad inside that orange thing on the left, and a ton more books and toys on the book shelf.  Oh, and blinds on the window.  We accidentally bought ones that were too short.  Shoot!

That's the cute Chevron Baby blanket I knit for the baby.  One of the many baby projects I've completed so far.  Maybe I'll do a post with all those things later.

See...more photoshop action!  I've got a ways to go...but here's my first stab at a collage :O) So, here's the details on the artwork around the room:
  • Family Rules art:  From TJ Maxx about 4 months ago
  • Silly Baby Sayings:  Made by me inspired by art on Pinterest.  Since they are pretty small in the picture here are the sayings
    • Red:  Crying is for Babies - other babies
    • Blue: Nothing says you care - like a clean diaper
    • Green: You're getting very sleepy
  • Colorful Fabric Pendants: made by me
  • Origami mobile:  hung above the dresser/diaper changing area (found here)  I thought about trying to make it myself, but decided it was WAY worth it to just buy!
  • Fabric Owl - found this one online too for SUPER cheap.  Like less than 20 bucks!  I can't find the link though...sorry!

I love love love this crib.  Ry went back and forth about wanting to build the crib.  Of course I picked the hardest one.  On Sunday after thinking it over for awhile we decided it was probably better to just go ahead and fork over the dolla's and just buy the dang thing.  He's be so so busy these days, I'd rather have him hanging out with me, than in the garage building a crib.  So, 2 hours later, we had a brand new crib.  SO much faster than the 40+ hours it would have taken him to build one from scratch!

But...we did refinish this dresser ourselves.  I can't seem to find the "before" pictures I took of the dresser so I guess I'll have to do another post on that later.  SHOOT!  Well, imagine it a light color wood, with ugly hardware and put in the basement of the lake house for who knows how long.  We sanded it down, primed and painted it, added some colorful knobs, bought a new piece of glass for the top, and added a few hooks to the outside (for hanging the diaper laundry bags).  It turned out great!  The whole project probably cost us less than $100 so we sure saved some money here!

Oh, and that mirror above the dresser, that's one Ry made long long ago.  It used to be hung in our bedroom but we moved it in here and it fits perfectly!!

All in all, I love what we've got going on in here. I can't wait to add all the finishing touches.  I'll update it later as we get closer.  Shoot, in 8 to 10 weeks I'll have a little baby to model in here as well (probably in that rocking chair)!

Hope you guys like it! 

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