Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting the most of our last few "free" weekends

In around a month from now we will have a teeny tiny baby to show off to you all....but for now, we are enjoying the last few free weekends before the baby arrives.  Of course, our fur babies are still in tow!  This weekend is my second baby shower thrown by my mom and sister in Freeport.  I'm excited to share all the details with you in a few days but for now I figured I should finally blog about LAST weekend!  Sorry!  At least I've got some pictures for you all.

We spent last weekend at Koontz lake.  This summer has been crazy busy and we've really only been out to the lake one other time this year so it was nice to squeeze one more weekend at the lake in.

See how excited Ryan was to be at the lake!

We didn't do anything overly exciting....just hung out in the sun, ate too much food, and laughed alot.  We had a great time.

There's a belly shot for those of you that have been waiting for one.  I've been trying to stay BEHIND the camera these days as I feel like my belly isn't the only part of me to be growing.  Is it just me or does my face look chubby?  Ug!  5 more weeks!!

Rocky even got in on the fun this weekend:

Ha!  Our dogs would have NEVER sat still enough to go for a ride.  I was certain this would end in disaster but Rocky did a great job.  They went most of the way around the small section of the lake like this.

What do you think?  I think this looks like a Christmas photo to me guys!!

That's how we spent our weekend (albeit a little late).  How did you spend yours??

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