Thursday, February 2, 2012

January showers bring Feburary babies?? (For Kristina's sake, I sure hope so!)

First off, old business. I know, there's been alot of radio silence around my blog lately.  January has been strangely crazy and uneventful at the same time.  A few weeks back I posted that you'd have Ski Trip pictures to look forward to, but sadly Ryan and I didn't make it on our annual ski trip this year.  A few days before our trip my Aunt Mary passed away. 

I usually try to keep things positive around here (I mean, we all have things that get us down during the day...why focus on them and post them for eternity on the web?) but life isn't all like a Lisa Frank trapper keeper (you know, rainbows and unicorns), and sometime sad things happen.  Mary died too young, and she left behind my youngest cousin Lydia and her husband Charlie.  It was a sad weekend, but, it didn't really come as a surprise to us.  Back around Thanksgiving Mary stopped treatment for ovarian cancer (which developed into all other sorts of cancer).  The doctors said that she could choose to fight, but it would be a long hard battle and the outlook was bleak. 

But, that's not the way that I choose to remember my dear Aunt.  I'll never forget a conversation we had near the campfire at the Lake.  Mary, with a year old baby, was wearing a pair of maternity shorts.  When I asked why she'd kept them this long (as she probably weighed a total of 115 lbs and about my height), she pulled up her T-shirt to show me a can of beer tucked neatly inside the elastic.  She said she liked the extra storage.  Ha! 

I'll love you forever Mary and will think of you often.  Miss you all the time!


This past weekend we celebrated Kristina's baby shower.  She is due Feb 25th and looks so amazing!!  Lorna (her mom) and I hosted the shower on Saturday afternoon.  Actually, that's not totally fair.  Kristina offered to have the shower at her house so she had to do all the cleaning :O)  Lorna and I just took care of the food/drinks/decor and all the minor details.  The shower was beautiful (if I do say so myself) and Stina got quite the pile of loot!!

Look at that pretty momma!

Check out that pile!!  That rainbow colored one in the middle is the baby blanket I knitted for the baby.  It turned out good, although I wish I could have figured out better seams.  Of course, I wrapped it before remembering to take any pictures for you.  Maybe I'll grab a few pics the next time I'm home.

My favorite present was a cute little pair of Carhart pants and a shirt.  They were just the cutest things!

Two of my favorite ladies!  Irina drove all the way out just for the shower.  I'd give her the prize for the farthest drive but with Mike's family living in the city as well, I think they tie. 

All it all it was a great day and it was fun to hang out with some amazing ladies.

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