Monday, February 27, 2012

From me to baby

Originally written January 9th, 2012

Well little one, you've been keeping me pretty sick these days.  I was so happy that we had a low key weekend planned and I got to spend most of it in my PJ's on the couch.  It's not Ry's favorite way to spend a weekend but it sure is mine.

We have our first doctor's appointment tomorrow so I'm sure I will have some news to share with you then (like your "maybe" Birthday!) but for now I just felt like telling you what's been up with me.  They really shouldn't call it morning sickness, it's more like "all sickness" but who am I to start changing things like that :O)  I'm sick pretty much every day and have given up on fighting it and just let it happen. 

I seem to be craving anything cold right now.  Like fruit, or pickels or ice cream (my favorite!).  It's not really craving, its more that cold things are the only things that sound good to me right now.  Oh, and French Fries....those too.  I think cold things don't smell as strongly, which is part of it.  Other than that, it's pretty much crackers and Peanut Butter for me lately.


Here are the pictures from our January 10th doctors appointment (8 weeks pregnant).

Can you see it?  The baby sort of looks like a blob (or a Sesame, since that's it's current nickname).  The baby is facing towards the right and you can see the head at the top...maybe a little arm pointing out towards the right as well.

These two are even harder to see...dont worry, they get better, keep reading the other posts :O)

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