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Halloween 2011

Are you ready to see a ton of pictures from our Halloween party??  Cuz that's just what I'm going to give you today.  You guys know I'm a wordy kind of gal, especially when I have a captive audience, but I don't really have a ton of stories from the party.  I mean, of course we had some laughs and a few memorable moments which I will share throughout the post, but what guys really care about are the costumes right?  Well,  I vowed that I'd be better about getting pics of all the creative ideas and I'm here to tell you that I've fulfilled my end of the bargain here!  Get ready for a great slideshow...

Here is our traditional Halloween picture.  Ryan, Bets, Lo and Brian have taken a picture, in this spot, just like this every single Halloween party.  If my math is right, this is the 6th annual party.  Someday when I'm feeling motivated I might even dig through all the old pictures and put together a little picture montage with all the old pics.  That would be fun right?? 

Ok, back on track, sorry.  Let me give you a little run down on the costumes here.  From left to right, Brian is dressed as a gay cowboy.  Lo, in the pink shirt is dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business.  Then in the back is Pat, dressed as Princess Peach.  There's a better pic of his costume coming your way in a minute.  Next, Ryan is a flasher.  He's wearing a pair boxers that Bets bought him years ago when she went to Italy.  Printed on them is a picture of the Statue of David (well, just his "man parts").  So, no, he's not really naked (thank goodness).  Finally, Betsy and I are both dressed in wedding dressed (no, that's not my real dress, YES! that is Bets's dress).  We were dressed as sister wives with Lindsay.  You know, like the TV show.  Most of guys didn't get our costume so if you have no idea what I'm talking about check out this website for the whole run down.  Basically, we were dressed as three women who were all married to the same man.  We couldn't find a "husband" for our costume, but who needs one of those, we rocked our dresses just fine without one.

Love love love this costume.  Chris and Brenna went as a Broob.  Yep, you guessed it, they were a set of boobs in a leopard bra.  Ha!  Clever right? The funniest part of this costume was that it was hard to tell what was going on unless they were standing next to each other just like this.  If they were swapped around, it just looked funny.  When they were separate, they just sort of looked pregnant or maybe using a baby carrier.  Too funny.  It was also hilarious to watch them walk around with these big boobs.  They couldn't really see well in front of them and I know Brenna slid down a few stairs at one point, and Chris tipped over a cup with his belly/boob while playing flippy cup.  They get big props from me for creativity. 

Here is Melissa and Brian.  Melissa is dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White and Brian is a cowboy??  Melissa is 7 months pregnant, doesn't she look great??  She was such a great sport hanging out with all the crazy party goers.  Their 2 year old daughter, Ashley, is also going as the Evil Queen for Halloween.  She's such a cutie pie.  She actually came to the party as a lady bug two years ago and was the life of the party for a few hours (before bed time, obviously).  I love these two, they come almost every year and are always a great time.  Brian even brought homemade Sake.  I didn't have any, I was trying to remember the whole night but from what I hear it was pretty good.

This is Charlie Brown, or Jehan, in his normal life :O)  Jehan is a friend of Ryan's from college.  He's living in Chicago now and Ryan extended him an invite to come out and have a few beers, meet some new friends and have a great time.  We were so happy to have him join us!!

Here we've got Anne Simon (a friend of Ryan's from college) and her boyfriend.  I'm horrible and I can't remember his name for the life of me.  Anne is dressed as the Cat's Pajama's.  Don't' know what that is?  Me either, I had to google it.  So, here's the low down for you.  "The Cat's Pajama's" is a phrase like "the Bee's Knees" or "the Cat's Meow".  It means is something really new or original.  It's a saying that originated in the 20's.  If you can't tell her PJ's have cats on them, and she has a cat tale on.  Such a smart costume, she had me googling it to understand :O)  The word on the street was that her boyfriend was dressed as a pedophile.  Somehow I think that is wrong, but I can't verify.  Sorry Anne, feel free to email me and I can correct the post *smile!

Here's Greg and Meg.  Greg is some kind of scary ghost and Meg is some kind of scary clown.  Meg had a mask too that was in fact really creepy, but she said it was hot and gave up on it.  Props for trying guys, props.  Next year you might have to start getting your costumes before 4 pm on Sat.  I love you anyways, and you are always invited!!

Heidi claims she didn't actually "make" her costume, but she TOTALLY did, and it was great.  It's hard to see here,but she is a spider.  She's got 3 more sets of legs hanging from her arms and her headband is a homemade set of eyes.  Then, the red I, is the belly of a black widow.  She did such a great job with this costume and totally deserves credit for it.  Nice one my dear, nice one! 

And, Lindsay is the 3rd of our sister wives.  Doesn't she look great??  Lindsay and I bought both bought our dressed from a thrift store in Geneva for $25 each.  Such a deal and Lindsay's dress was so pretty.  It had some great beading on it and even had the original tag on it, for over $1000!!  You never know what you can find at a thrift store!

Man, those shorts are tight AND short Bri!! 

I'm so sad this one came out sort of blurry.  Sorry guys.  I had to include it though, to show of Theresa's great Queen of Hearts costume.  Another hand made one and she looked great!  Then, her hubby, Anthony begrudgingly went as the King of Hearts (can you tell? ha!) and his sister Ally.  Sorry Ally, I never got the run down on your costume, but you looked great none the less!

I couldn't resist!!  This one is probably going to make the picture wall.  Sorry mom :O)

There's one of my sister wives!

And, there, is the other one.  I love these ladies.  In real life, not just on Halloween.  They are some of my best friends and I love that they've come into my life in these past few years.  Ok, enough sappy stuff.  Real quick, I'm not sure if you can see it, but our pink sash's all says Sister Wife #1, #2, and #3. We had these and hot pink glowing rings to sort of tie us together.  Loved this costume idea.  I have to give all the credit to Sushi (ie. Bets).  She came up with it and I was sold.  Another great costume Betsy.  Next year is going to be hard to top.

Finally, there is Princess Peach.  I was such a tease by showing her/him off earlier and not giving you a full shot.  What's funny (aside from Pat wearing a blonde curly wig) is that Peach was actually supposed to be Bets's costume last year.  She ordered it online and when it came, it was HUGE!  Obviously, since it fits Pat, it was way too huge for Betsy, but these two did the best job recycling this year.  Betsy is wearing her real wedding dress (props!) and Pat managed to pull off Peach.  Best wig goes to Pat, hands down! get most current/relevant costume.  Can't tell what she is?   I blame my camera/zoom.  Her little invite says "You are cordially invited to the Royal Wedding".  Best idea EVER!  Get it?? She was a guest at the Royal Wedding.  Does her hat make sense now?  She cracked me up when she said "the Christmas decorations came out just in time for me to make my hat".  Ha!  Loved it!

Will's got his dad's old letter jacket on.  It was in great shape and a great vintage jacket.  Will, if you ever want to give that baby up, I know a girl who would LOVE to have it. 

Those dang boxers still get me sometimes and I KNOW he isn't naked.

So??  What do you think?  Which costume was your favorite?  What were you for Halloween?  We had such a fun time this year.  I wish Halloween came around more than once a year!!  Maybe we will start doing a "1/2 way to Halloween" party in April.  Hum...I just might be onto something.

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  1. LOVE the sister wife costume! Haha I'm addicted to that show! You have a lot of creative friends too! :)