Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding #5 down, one more to go

This past weekend Ryan and I went to our 5th wedding for 2011.  This year has been jam packed with weddings, which has been so so much fun.  We've got to spend so many weekends hanging out with friends and helping them to celebrate their special day.  One year after our own wedding, I'm fully relishing the fact that I can attend all these weddings and enjoy the party without all the stress and work of planning it! 

So, wedding number five was for Ryan's college friend G-lust.  Well, G-lust isn't really his name, it's his last name.  Matt and Katie Goldlust got married on October 22nd, and they couldn't have asked for a more beautiful fall day. It was sunny and the trees were of course in full show.  Sadly, I don't have too many pictures to share with you, and the real disappointment is I've got none of the bride and groom.  Boo to my bad wedding picture taking.  Boo!

That being said, I do have some entertaining pictures of us from the wedding.  Let me preface it by saying I blame the open bar.  Ha!

Yep, that's the best one I've got.  I especially want to point out how Greg is being super creepy and rubbing Ryan's face.  At least Meg and I look cute.

For entertainment's sake I will go ahead and share a few of the other pictures I pulled off my camera from the night.  Remember, I blame an open bar.

I also blame my overly expressive husband.  I think in his mind he is trying to keep up with his awesome sister.  The difference:  as an actress, she's had years of classes and practice at taking great expressive pictures, Ryan's just a novice.  (Is that the nice way to say it?)  Ha!

But, I did manage to get some pictures of Greg and Meg too.

And by some, I mean one.  Here's the other one I got:

Maybe Meg was putting him in the Sleeper hold?

Well, that's it.  That's all I've got for you today folks.  But, it's Halloween this weekend so get ready for some great Halloween party pictures!  I swear I will do a great job of getting pictures this year.  Pinky swear!!

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