Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cyclecross on Saturday

The weather this weekend has been amazing.  It's warm, by fall standards, and the sun was shinning all day on Saturday.  Today, I can tell the cold front is pounding on our door, so I've got the windows open and am getting all the fresh air into the house that I can. 

Fox River Millwork has been so busy these past few weeks that this is one of the first weekends in a long while that Ryan has actually been home, and we've been able to hang out the whole weekend. He's still building a bench and table in the garage while I type this, so it's not exactly like he isn't working, but at least he is home, and for that I am grateful. 

Yesterday he raced Cross at Indian Lakes Golf Course.  For those of you that don't know what Cross is, check out this post I did a few weeks back where I explain the whole thing.  He raced Masters 30+ again, so he found himself towards the back of the pack but he had a great time and that is all that matters.  This race was far less muddy as it took place right on the gold course.  It felt like walking on sacred ground when I walked onto the putting green and up the fairway to watch the race. 

The race organizers clearly have a sense of humor.  Signs like this were posted all over the course.  I just had to caputer a few of them because they made me laugh. 

The bikers road for 45 minutes and crisscrossed all over the course.  They rode through sand pits, up a huge muddy hill, and through the putting greens of 3 holes. 

I don't have a ton of great pictures from this race (I feel like I always say that!), but I do have some videos to share with you.  I figured vidoes are more fun to watch and a better representation of the race.  So sit back and enjoy my commentary.  Ha!

Here's a quick video of the sandpits during the race.  Ryan isn't in the video, a lovely man walked in front of me while shooting that part, but it will give you an idea os what the races are like.

And here is one of the racers on the muddy hill:

And one more, featuring my main man:

Hope y'all enjoyed it!  Next weekend Ryan is racing a Tough Mudder with some of the guys.  I promise to have a fully charged camera battery and some entertaining videos to share.  Keep stoppin' back!

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