Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ironman Louisville 2011....FINISHER!!!

I promise to keep this one short because well, I'm sleepy, Ryan's sleepy and you all are probably really tired of all the millions of Facebook updates and blog posts I've bombarded you with.  I hope that you've enjoyed them at least and that maybe, just maybe, your sort of felt like you were right here with us cheering Ryan along.

First off, I want to send a huge Thank You out to all of you that have been supporting via Facebook, texts and calls.  We've enjoyed your "company" throughout the day and Ryan will enjoy reading them all tomorrow when he is finally rested.

Now to the good stuff!!

I didn't get a great "crossing the finish line" pic of Ryan mostly because the great tracker app we've been following all day failed me in his last moments, and because well, there are just alot of things to be doing when you finally see him.  So, you'll have to make do with a great finisher photo.

Here are the official details:
Swim time : 1:08:49 - 89th in his division and 570 overall
Bike time:  6:08:40 - 121st in his division and 749 overall
Run time:  4:37:00 - 108th in his division and 649 overall

Total race time (que the theatrical music....dun...dun dun....): 12:07:25!!!!

Oh so close to his personal goal of sub-twelve hours but all things considered far better than he had realistically hoped to accomplish. 

And, for that, every Ironman deserves a post-race beer.

Finally, if you aren't sick of reading yet, check back tomorrow to see about all the things we did on the Saturday before the race.  I didn't get a chance to blog it, mostly because I took a nap instead, so I plan to post one more time about our adventures here in Louisville. 

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