Sunday, August 7, 2011

A day to relax and explore

aSunday we spent the day just sort of exploring around Vail.  We had read that there was a Farmers Market in downtown Vail so we planned that that would be the main activity for the day.  We intended to only spend an hour or so down there but we were pleasantly surprised by the size and scope of the market.  They had tons of booths set up with free samples, food, art and just about anything you could want to buy.  We sampled things like smoked salmon (which we bought), truffle salt (which we bought...its amazing!), soft shell crab sandwiches (which we had for lunch), pulled pork sandwiches (which we also had for lunch), and, of course, beer!!

We also decided to rent bikes for the family for the week.  Well, Ryan and I brought two bikes (his mountain bike and his older road bike) along from home, so the rest of the crew rented bikes as well.  Now we can be fully mobile, and can get our workout on while we pedal our way from bar to bar. 

So, that was our Sunday.  How was yours?

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