Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ironman Louisville 2011 (Bike update)

After a refreshing breakfast back at the hotel and a few minutes of Blogging we decided to see if we could find Ryan out on the bike course.  We checked out the race route map and drove about 30 minutes to a small town outside of Louisville.  The bike course looped through the town twice so we figured we had a good chance of catching him there.  After arriving we figured out that it was roughly mile 38 and 68.  My app said that he had just passed mile 40 so we barely missed him on his first lap, but we knew we would be able to catch him on the second.

So, we camped out, got some ice cream and spent the next hour and a half cheering on the racers.  Lindsay defiantly gets the "best cheer squad" award....she did great.  She was all about ringing that cow bell and cheering for each and every racer that past.  If I ever race, I want her on my cheering squad for sure!!!

Ryan made plenty of "paper" appearances and 1 real life appearance.  We saw him about 1.5 hours after we arrived and he was looking pretty good.  So, he's just over 1/2 done with the race and coming in at almost exactly the timing I expected.  His pace has slowed just slightly during the bike (from 19.5 miles per hour at first to just under 18 at the last check in point), but that is exactly what we expected.  Two years ago in Madison Ryan was feeling great on the bike and then had a hard time with the run as he had sort of used up all his energy.  So, as a learning from that we knew that he'd hopefully be pacing himself throughout the bike.

We expect that he will be coming through transition at around 2:30 so we are headed back out to see if we can find him there. 

Keep it up, Love....1/2 way there!!!

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