Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breck and Biking...two days and two adventures

Yesterday we decided to take it easy after our exciting rafting trip on Monday and headed into Breckenridge.  We have had the most amazing weather all this week and the last two days haven't been an exception.  It was around 80 degrees and sunny, so we spent a few hours exploring around downtown Breckenridge.

We had lunch and a few beers at the Breckenridge Brewing Company.  We split up for awhile and did some shopping and had a little fun at a hat store.

Then, today (Wednesday), we biked down the Vail pass.  Well, some of us biked down, others biked up as well. Ryan left around 7am to bike up the summit (10,550 ft), then down the other side, then back up again, and finally down with us towards Vail.  Andy left about 45 minutes later and he planned to bike to the top of the summit and meet us there then go back down with the group.  From our condo here in Vail the bike ride is about 20 miles, all up hill, with about a 2,000 foot climb.  Cousin Karen and Joe came up from Denver and met us to do the bike ride as well, so we had a total of 8 of us heading down the hill.  The smart ones of the group (ie: everyone but Ryan and Andy) took 4 wheels (ie: cars) to get to the top and just rode down.  Again, the weather was beautiful, nothing crazy happened, and we had an overall great time!!

Now, it's dinner time!!!  We are having tacos courtesy of Joey and Andy.  Tomorrow.....we will be doing some hiking so stay tuned for that. 

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