Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend at Ryan's family lake house in Indiana, as we do most years.  The weather was cool, starting to feel like fall, but warm enough that there was still plenty of people in the water soaking up some of those final days of summer.

Ellyn and Dan both grabbed my camera one afternoon while we were out on the pier and they got some great candid pictures of some of my favorite people.  There isn't a ton to say about them...just a random assortment of pictures.

So - sit back and enjoy a quick post with a ton of pictures and very few words.

Since I'm usually the one behind the camera, I've noticed there are so few pictures with me actually in them.  I need to work on getting Ryan to pick up the camera for a few minutes so I can have more sweet pictures like these!

One of the Peso cousins (extended family on Ellyn's side) has triplets that are 12 now (I think).  They came out to spend the day with us at the lake and Abby could not have been more thrilled to have some kids that would play with her.  She normally gravitates toward Greg, Ryan and Dan when we are at the lake, but when the kids were there, she only had eyes for them.  It was GREAT!

And that meant that these two idiots could spend some time just being normal (yeah right).  They actually went to a concert in Joliet on Saturday night.  They stayed up too late (think 3 am) but Ryan said that the concert was awesome.

These water squirters were definitely the hit of the weekend.  Fun for kids and adults apparently.

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