Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Randoms of Abby

Every once in a while I have a few cute pics I want to share but no real post to round them all out.  So....that's when I throw out a "randoms of Abby" post because I NEED these pictures in my yearly blog book!  You'd think after 2 full years of weekly/monthly pictures for my quilt project Abby would be a pro at pictures.  But the wiggles of toddlerhood = few pictures where she's actually looking/smiling.  So when I saw this one (above) that Jamie got from the water park I HAD to have it.

April isn't always known for being warm/sunny and summer like but we've had a few days of "summer" thrown into this April and we just couldn't resist a little time in the sun.  

And Easter.  Abby was pretty quick to round up her "beaster eggs" so I didn't get a ton of cute Easter pics.  After our egg hunt we rushed to church and then off to Jan Mary's house for Easter afternoon.  On the car ride their Abby fell asleep.  When she woke up we weren't close enough to a gas station to get her to a potty before she had an accident (boo!...she's been doing so good) so I didn't get a SINGLE shot of her in her cute Easter dress mom made a few weeks back.  Double BOO!

But - here are some cuties of her on Easter morning in her PJ's with candy stuffed in her know, the way it should be.  Enjoy!

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