Monday, April 27, 2015

Abby's First Hair Cut

Two weekends ago when Ryan was in Texas I decided it was finally time to get Abby a hair cut.  Actually, I'd been thinking of doing it for a few weeks before hand but we're always running from one thing to the next on the weekends so I was just waiting to carve out an hour to go have it done.

I don't think that we'll always go to a fancy kids hair cut salon for every hair cut, but her first seemed like we should do something slightly special.  Plus, I was worried if she'd be scared and figured all the bells and whistles of a real kids salon, paired with the expertise of a professional, would = an enjoyable experience for her and a haircut that didn't look like her mom butchered it on the back deck :)

Good lord is it hard to get a toddler to stand still and look at the camera!  The before pictures were a feat in and of themselves but I did get this decent one of the back of her hair so you can see both the length and slight curl to her hair.  When I was little I had stick straight blonde hair until I hit about 6th grade and then the curls started.  I used to blame it on a perm I got around 5th grade but the truth is that my mom has curls so I was probably destined to get them too.  

Abby's hair does have some curl to it (as you can see in the before picture above) but I've usually got her in pig tails during the day so you can't often tell.  Her hair curls the most when its fresh out of the bath and drying.

Kelly at KidSnips did an awesome job.  Abby got to pick out a move (Paw Patrol) and got to pick out the car she wanted to sit in.  She couldn't have cared less what was going on with her hair...she had Zuma and Sky to watch!!  We only cut off a few inches from the back to even it all out, but it looks so much better than the random style it had grown into.  

Plus, who doesn't love a heart shaped braid with sparkles on top??  I'm happy to report there were no tears and she had a great time.  Another first to check off the list and add to the baby book!

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