Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another Sewing Post....

So - I bragged for a few minutes earlier this week about the cute little pj's I made for the new baby.  Well, I was inspired!!  I've been seeing cute little dress patterns and wondering if I could make them myself.  My plan was to try out the pj's and see how it went.  If I liked it, I'd try out something a little larger/more complex for Abby.  If not - well, no harm done.

**She really does like it...I'm not sure why I got the grump face in this one but she SO looks like me in that picture.

Anyways - after my attempt at the baby pj's I decided this was WAY outta my league...BUT, I was headed home this weekend so I enlisted my Mom to make this cute little dress for Abby.  Didn't it turn out great??

I got the pattern here and we just picked some cute fabric from Joann's so I'm not sure who the designer was but I think it's perfect.  I love the placket (a new word for me this weekend) and the contrast stripe on the sleeve and bottom.

The pattern says it's for advanced beginners which I am clearly NOT, so getting mom's help was a great idea.  We printed and cut the pattern, picked out fabric at Joann's and got to sewing.  Well, Mom got to sewing, I got to knitting (I've got a new pattern in my brain and need to finish the old one before I can move to the next...that's my rule!!  Otherwise hobbies get out of control quickly!!).

I still need to go back and add two little buttons for the top but I wanted to show off mom's handy work to you all today.  I'm thinking if it's warm enough that I might have her wear it for Easter.  We'll see.  It's funny - as mom was making it she said "this dress looks like you".  HA!  I suppose it's the blues - which I can never get away from - and the fact that it's not overly frilly or girly.  It's just a nice comfortable tunic dress that I can send her to daycare in and not worry about it getting messy.  It's an everyday dress for a little girl who loves to run and play.  I love it!!

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  1. adorable! Nice job Sally! this would also be cute with leggings and a turtleneck in the fall!