Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My final words on the best RV trip ever!

Alight kiddie kats, I'm going to wrap this weekend up (because I've got a few more posts to share with you and they keep piling up)!

So, to recap, Friday we did some hiking, Saturday some biking and boating, and Sunday and Monday we did some driving.  You might remember from this post that it took us about 8 hours to get to our final destination.  Since we had to all be at work on Tuesday we decided we'd drive part of the way home Sunday and make the final leg of the trip on Monday.  I'd heard great things about Sturgeon Bay and Door County and suggested that we make our stopping point for Sunday night. 

Of course, the fact that it would mean a stop over in Green Bay only sweetened the deal for Brenna and I.  I knew it wouldn't be a tough sell to convince the rest of the crew to take a "break" from camping for a few hours and hit up a bar to watch football.  Both the Bears and the Packers played at noon on Sunday so we packed up our campsite in the UP early and got on the road to Sturgeon Bay.  We made a stop over in Green Bay to watch the games and have some burgers and fries.

Of course, I've already spoiled the surprise, you know we convinced the rest of the crew to make a quick stop over at Lambeau...I couldn't resist just one more shot for ya'll.

After we left Green Bay we made our way the remaining 30 or so miles to Sturgeon Bay.  Of course after 4 days of beautiful, albeit cold, the rained all evening Sunday.  We had enough time to get ourselves set up at the campsite, get a fire built, and get some tents up before the rain started.  It surely didn't stop us from hanging out though.  These pictures are pretty terrible but I blame the rain, the cold, lack of sleep, and well, lets be serious, beers!

I love these guys!!!

How could I not??  I dont' think words even explain what these wierdo's are doing....

I got the nickname Grubby on this trip...apparently I look like a grub worm with this hood on?? 

The rain sure didn't stop our parade.  Besides, it was our last night of vacation, we had to make the most of it!

The next morning we packed up all of our wet stuff.  And cleaned up after the raccoons that got into all the stuff we left outside (jerks!).  We still had to get the RV home, and cleaned, and back to the rental place by 5pm so we work up on the early side (hey, early for those who stay up til 2 am partying in the rain!), and made our way home.  Sturgeon Bay is probably beautiful.  We didn't get time to see much but I'd definitely make our way back there to experience it all in full. 

On our way back we decided to make a stop by Mars Cheese Castle.  Ha!  Anyone that's crossed the Wisconsin boarder from the Chicago area has probably seen it along the highway.  None of us had ever been so we decided to make it part of the road trip.  Truthfully, I think none of us were ready for the trip to end.

If you've never been, you aren't missing a ton (unless, of course, you LOVE cheese as much as Ryan does!).  I'm surprised how busy this place was on a random Monday at 1pm.  There were tons of people there buying cheese and other crap.  They had tons of Green Bay stuff, which B and I loved, along with cheese and a full bar.  We stopped for one quick drink, a few snicky snacks and some cheese.  I think all of our tummies regretted our choice to stop, but it seemed like a great idea when we did it!

Don't mind my gigantically huge sweatshirt.  I was still cold from the two nights without heat!

Oh and, I forgot, I've got to include a picture of Chris's project from the trip:


Topher spent the entire vacation whittling this little guy out of a piece of firewood.  In fact, this past weekend he bought himself his very own whittling knife.  Sorry B, I feel like this is a messy hobby your hubby has taken on.  Family, don't be surprised if you see this little guy again.  I have a feeling he will be around for awhile (I hope!).

Ug! That's such a crappy pic!  Sorry it didn't come out better.  But, like I said, I have a feeling we will see this little guy around again. 

I'll end with these thoughts:
  1. I said it more than once, but we ended up with a very special group of people that could spend 5 days in close quarters without heat, electric or hot water, and still all remain friends!
  2. I can't wait for the official T-shirts
  3. I'd vacation with any of you again!  (And I'm pumped for Cabo with C&B in April)
  4. Pure
  5. Where's the 409?
  6. He's on the $5 bill - Allen Jackson of course!
  7. Pinto
 Keep on coming back!  I've got posts galore for you all!

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