Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrating Mom's

Mother's Day takes on a slightly larger meaning for both Ryan and I this year as we have each gained a second "mom".  We are so lucky to be so close to both of our families and we just can't say it enough, how much we love them both.  This year we didn't make it home to Freeport, we were home for Easter two weeks ago, so we spent the day with Ellyn in St. John.  Jan Mary started a breast cancer walk a few years back for a friend of hers that had cancer.  Now, three years later, the friend is cured, but they still organize the walk and donate money to Y-Me. 

After the race.

We left the house around 6:30 with Chris and Brenna (they had spent the night before at our house) and headed to St. John.  We made it just in time for the walk.  After the walk we headed to Lowes to get the materials to make a small garden box for Jan Mary and a plant for Ellyn.  Long story short, we had lunch, had a few drinks and had an overall lovely day.

I certainly missed seeing my mom on this special day.  The two phone calls this morning just didn't quite seem enough, but we will be home again in two weeks and I can't wait to give her a nice big hug!!!

Here are some pictures from the day.  Enjoy!!

Awww...what a cute pic

Brenna and Jan Mary

There is always a project with this family! :O)

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