Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winning the pint at a time!

We were originally supposed to be camping this weekend, taking the opportunity to enjoy one last weekend outside before the snow starts flying and temperatures start dropping but a little research into the proposed campground and we found that they had closed down all the showers and bathrooms as of Oct 31st.  We quickly scrapped the idea of camping figuring we could deal with the cool temperatures but we certainly needed a place to wash our hands etc.

But, knowing us, you know we don't ever just sit still so we planned a relatively impromptu brewery tour with Chris and Brenna.  Two Brothers Brewery is located only a few miles from our house and we've been wanting to check it out so a randomly free Saturday seemed like the perfect opportunity.  For the beer connoisseurs out there you may know some of the beers they make.  Some of their most popular include Cane and Ebel, Eble's Weiss, or Domaine Dupage.  If you've never heard of these you should seek them out.  They are some of my favorites.  I personally don't love IPA's but if they are your thing try the Heavier Handed brew.  It's a special one-time brew and the boys loved it.

Here is their website for more information.

Don't we all wish our garages looked like this??  I sure do!

Kinda blurry but I couldn't resist adding this one!!
 The tour was a lot of fun.  It's hard to imagine that it wouldn't be.  It's a free tour and you get free beer at the end.  Our afternoon was cut a little short when we found out the brewery and restaurant were closing early because a wedding had rented the entire brewery out for the afternoon.  The 4 of us having just gotten married this year were instantly jealous and wondering if either couple could have made the brewery work for their wedding as well.  It's funny...after getting married you secretly look at all other weddings using your own as a benchmark.  We all wished we had thought of such a great idea.  I have a feeling their pictures will be amazing!!

So, we headed back to our house at had some dinner (BBQ pulled Elk....delicious if I do say so myself).  With shotgun season in full swing we've got to clean out the freezer from last  years meat to make room for the new stuff.  Ry and dad are hunting together in two weeks so more on that later.

After dinner we went to a newish country bar by our house called Saddle Up.  The place is ALWAYS packed and we had a great time.  We met a few more of Ryan and Chris's cousins there and we really enjoyed the whole evening.  On Saturday nights from 7:30 to 10:30 they do line dancing lessons mixed in with open dancing.  We learned one, no idea the name, and I'm sure I couldn't replicated it now in an un-intoxicated state but it was fun none the less. 


Of course, one of the best parts of the whole night was the people watching.  It was great!!!  We will most defiantly be back.  Now, I'm off to find a line-dancing instruction DVD so that we can know all the dances :O)  Or...more importantly I'm headed to watch the Packers game.

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