Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

Let me start by apologizing!  Ever since we returned from our honeymoon there has been a flurry of activity leaving me very little time to sit down, much less time to sit down a blog.  I am disappointingly late with  posting our shenanigans from Halloween but I've finally got pictures loaded and ready for the world to see. 

We had a great party this year, mostly because we had a great crowd.  Probably one of the coolest things about getting married (and having both of our friends and family in one room) is that everyone finally got a chance to meet each other.  It can be intimating to find out that you are going to be the only one at a party or event that won't know the rest of the crowd.  Now that everyone has met (and seems to love each other) our get togethers really truly are a mixture of my friends and Ryan's.  In the days preceding the party I got more than one text asking if so and so would be coming, usually bridging the gap between what I would consider "my friends" and "Ryan's" or the other way around.  I'm excited because this means future parties will be even more fun.

We had some great costumes this year but I have to give the "best costume" award to Betsy.  Literally the night before the party she was going to be coming as Princess Peach, less than 12 hours later (and only about 6 hours before the party), I talked to her and she was at Joanne Fabrics trying to create a Sushi costume.  I had my doubts, I will admit, but it turned out great and I give her huge points for originality!  Next year I think we are going to institute an official costume contest...with prizes.  We are stepping up our game, so its time to step up yours!

Betsy and Lauren....best costume of the night.
 Skittles was another favorite of mine.  Lindsay is going to kill me for posting this picture but I've just got to show off the great find from the Sample Store at Sears...it was less than $15 and worked perfect.  She gets points for the best accessory.  Skittles came armed with jello shots, topped with Skittles!!  They were good, but even funnier is the story behind them.  A few days before Halloween Lindsay asked me what I thought about putting Skittles inside the jello shots, to match her outfit.  My mind immediately flashed to a slow motion film of someone slamming back a jello shot only to find that there are small little Skittles inside ie. small little choking hazards inside.  We decided on putting the skittles on top so people would know what they were getting themselves into.  The shots ended up being a mouthful of really cold (so really hard to chew) skittles followed about 10 minutes later (after finally chewing through the "surprise") by the jello shots.  Great effort though!!

The "Skittles Special"

Dress Up Barbie, Skittles and a 80's ski bunny (from Hot Tub Time Machine)
  I've got to give a quick shout out to Dress-up Barbie.  She came dressed with a blond wig and armed with a make-up case.  You could do her makeup, hair etc.  Another really creative costume that gets props from me....and since I'm the blogger, my opinion is the only one that really counts!

Joey and Andy even made the long journey from Iowa to come!  It was great to see them both and Andy was the talk of party when he quick changed into a scary wolf face mask and walked around the party like a creeper, not talking to anyone, not telling anyone who he was, and just overall acting suspicious.  The first time he changed I was 99% sure it was him and just played along.  He did the quick change a few more times and kept creeping people out.  Then, he convinced Nick (another party-goer) to change into the outfit.  Andy was standing right next to me when "wolfman" came in.  I questioned him and wolfman, asking if it was Nick.  I was still sure that I was in on the joke until Nick came to me....acting really freaked out about wolf man.  I asked him straight up if it was him and Andy and they both denied it.  Moments later I was talking to Ryan about the creepy man that kept coming in and out of the house acting weird.  At the same time Banana (ie. Brenna) was chasing Wolfman around the house trying to catch him.  Ryan came out of the house ready for a fight...or at least looking like he was ready for one....when Andy finally removed the mask and nearly fell on the ground laughing at us.  JERK!  But, I've got to say, you got us pretty good man.  Next year, Andy, next year!

Ghostbuster....I'm calling you out for next years party.  Don't book any trips anywhere!  You are a required attendee. 

Skittle Jello shots, 2 Kegs of beer (thank god the guy at the liquor store re-opened to let Ryan get the second keg), 5 gallons of margarita, and 3 bottles of Brazilian liquor later we had quite the party.  Here are some more random pics for you all to enjoy!

Costume #1 for Ryan - Oscar

Ron Jermey?  Oh wait....my bad...the Uni-bomber!

Costume #2 for Ryan:  Pirate (Oscar was too HOT!!) with Banana and blow up Cowboy!

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