Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm FAMOUS...well...Kinda...

You might remember that Ryan and I stayed at this hotel while we were on our honeymoon...

When Ryan and I were there there was a group of people working by the pool from sun up to sun down.  I thought it was wierd so we sat on our balcony one evening and over heard what they were talking about.  All we could tell was that it was going to be a major movie...we heard them talking budget, all.  $25K a day to rent a 1 engine helicopter...$50K for a two (they were saying that major stars won't travel in a 1 engine one in case it fails) We heard them mention someone named "stephanie".  I started doing some thinking trying to figure out what it could possibly be.  We knew the crew working downstairs was from New York.  The only Stephanie I could think of is Stepanie Meyer of course (the author of Twilight)...which got me thinking that MAYBE it was Twilight.  Anyways, then when we were explorying the hotel we found a movie poster for the movie.  It seemed strange because the hotel is decorate in a very quiant historic way.  Local art vendors, antiques etc.

I read in OK magazine today that they are filming scenes in Paraty and at the cool!!  We were just a few weeks early!!

Here are a few links to some postings on it....I feel famous!  Or at least privleged that I got to stay where the famous people stay!!

Not sure how credible the sites above are...but its OK magazine people...its gotta be true :O)

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