Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A list of things I SWORE I'd never say....

In a moment of self realization I was looking back on the past year and all that it has encompassed for me.  It has been one of the most fun and memorable years I can remember.  With wedding planning and all the activities that come with that I've found myself surrounded by my friends and family and their love/support for Ryan and me. 

As I was standing in my wedding dress, less than a month before the wedding, being fitted for the final time, I started to think about all the things I SWORE I would do/not do when wedding planning and so I've created this list to share for you.  In a moment of solidarity with other past brides and a few words of warning for those future brides to follow in my footsteps here goes nothing:

Things I SWORE I'd never say or do when wedding planning but ultimately probably have:
1.  "You can totally shorten that and wear it again"
2.  Make my bridesmaids spend over $200 on their dresses for the wedding
3.  Let the "little details" overwhelm me
4.  "It's my party and I can do what I want"-ok...I probably never said that exactly...but maybe not far off
5.  Spend too much on flowers
6.  Worry too much about what everyone else wants
7.  Become that girl that "only talks about weddings"
8.  Become that girl that "only THINKS about weddings"
9.  Spend actually money to have "Congratulations Ryan and Sadie" written on the board outside the hotel....total cost to the hotel $0!!
10.  Actually pay a DJ (we swore access to Itunes would be good enough)
11. Spend an UNGODLY amount of money on a limo
12.  Cry
13.  Host a HUGE wedding (we've invited over 410 people....YIKES)

THE ONE THING I THINK I'VE ACTUALLY STUCK TO (at least I hope you'll agree):
1.  NOT being a Bridezilla......


  1. Love it! I am so with you - I think I said all those things too. :) This is Britt (Lynne Meyer's daughter)... love the new blog!

  2. Britt-I credit you with starting this Blog.... :O) I had been reading over yours these last few weeks with Olaf coming and decided it was a great idea. Thanks!!