Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend - A "Workingman's Holiday"

Ryan and I took full advantage of the extra day off this weekend and made a trip out to Koontz Lake.   We had intentions of being their early Saturday morning, but a quick run outside, a messy truck, and an accident on 80 were all working against our plans.  We finally arrived around noon just in time for lunch (which isn't saying much...since there is ALWAYS food around at the lake).  We spent Saturday relaxing and enjoying the first shot of fall-like weather.  Sunday we headed to the Blueberry fest and had a great time looking through all the little tents and booths.  No big purchases this year...not even any footwear to speak of. 

The Margarita made made its first appearance this weekend and was an overall success.  After a few trial runs with soap and water we finally had it all sealed up and ready to go Sunday afternoon.  If anyone is interested in one...I know a guy :O)

Mixin....and mixin...and mixin...

I also started the baby blanket I'm knitting for Nichole.  She sent me a text a few days ago to "start knitting something blue".  I was POSITIVE she was having a girl....and was all ready to start into a pink project, but I guess Mother Nature had different plans.  I cast it on Saturday morning in the car while sitting in stop and go traffic because of the accident.  I worked on it on and off throughout the weekend and its coming along pretty nicely if I do say so myself. 

Just getting started....

So many more inches to go, but making progress.

Here are just a few more random pictures from the weekend.  We had a great time, and, as always, we wish it could have lasted longer.  It was great to see everyone this weekend.....

Anthony's little bitty baby fish :O)

*Some very tired puppies!!

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