Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hazel's Birthday (at the lake)

Well, Hazel may not have gotten a big birthday bash this year, but she sure made out regardless.  She somehow managed to get THREE parties instead of just one.  Ha!  I'm going to try that out myself next year :)

As always, Ellen worked with a small little bakery in Geneva to make a custom cupcake for the birthday girl.  This year Hazel's cupcake was a picture of her little "Dollie", her most prized possession and the one thing she just can't leave home without.  Erin got this cute little raccoon doll for Abby when she was just a tiny baby and for some reason Hazel has adopted her as her own.  Erin got her a second, similar, raccoon doll for Christmas this year, but Hazel really loves the original best (of course).  So, it seemed fitting that her cupcake this year should sport her favorite thing in all the land....her Dollie!

I'm sure the number of pictures in this post is gratuitous, but some of them were just too cute not to share so prepare yourself for a full on slide show of the festivities.  Hazel's favorite part, by far, was the signing and the cupcake but the family pulled out all the stops and stocked her up on presents and fun summer things.

I mean, look at that face!!!  That's Erin's present, new clothes for her Dollie which she desperately needed!!  Now Dollie is all cleaned up (mostly) with a fresh new jumper (with hole for her tail) and a cute little red overcoat that Hazel just LOVES to put on and off.  Good choice, Auntie...good choice!

Oh yeah, and a Bears t-shirt (yuck).  No wonder I blocked that memory from my mind :)  All in all, she is one loved little girl and we're so thankful for everyone who helped to make her second birthday so special!!!

Couldn't resist take it...I'm posting it :)

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