Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Princess Party

A few weeks back we packed up the family and drove down to visit Joey and Andy in Iowa.  It was the weekend of my Mom's birthday and we had a fun little surprise planned for the girls.  We were going to a Princess Party in Davenport on Sunday morning.

The girls loved the idea of getting all dressed up in their princess gowns and getting to hang out for a few hours with the princesses they see on TV all the time.

Abby got to meet quite a few of them, but this is one of my favorite pictures from the day.  I loved that Cinderella got right down on the ground to talk to the girls.  Abby was showing her the little princess necklace my Mom gave both girls before the party.

They had a craft section, a snack bar and lots of music and dancing.  Kayden was definitely more outgoing when it came to going and talking to the princesses.  Abby was shy and a little more reserved but I expected that.

Going to the party was a good opportunity to test out just how much Abby would enjoy going to Disney.  We're planning a trip for this time next year and I think it will be the prefect time for her.  Last winter we took her to see a Disney on Ice show and I was surprised by just how excited she was to see the characters.  She was truly upset when she thought Mickey didn't see her was adorable.

It's fun that these two cute cousins are getting older and starting to have memories together.  We're always surprised by the stories and memories Abby pulls out of her back pocket but at age 4 I think we're almost to the age that she'll be able to remember these moments when she's an adult.

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