Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beer Tasting 2016 (with a little Trick or Treating mixed in...)

We've been doing annual beer tasting (or Oktoberfest) for quite a few years now...could it really be 10?  Someone will have to look back and remind me.  Anyways, we've been doing it for a LONG time and, like my friend Lindsay always says, if there is one thing my family does well, it's, there you have it.  Last year I did a much better job of taking pictures but guys, the group is getting bigger, the kids are getting older and I'm doing a LOT of pouring and organizing during the event.  Someone else will have to take camera duty next year.

We had 14 beer entered, and one final winner.  Actually, dare I say, a Three-peat winner?  Andy (bottom center) has imported the winning beer three years in a row from Tryptic brewing in southern Illinois.  Well, I suppose technically, Bart entered the winner the first year, but Andy supplied it.  All different beers, all up against whatever other random beers the rest of us bring.  Three years running.  It's actually quite interesting if you think about it.

So - back to southern Illinois the paddle live for another year until we do it all over again.

During the half time break of beer tasting we took the kids trick or treating.  It actually worked out perfectly for a few reasons.  The adults need a break to eat, the kids do NOT find beer tasting interesting so this is something fun for them to do, and I'm going to miss Halloween this year because I'll be in Texas for work.  So, I was thankful to get the opportunity to snap a few quick pictures of my peanuts all dressed up and ready for Halloween.

Hazel was less than excited about the whole thing.  She was so tired and went to bed immediately following these pictures.

This year Abby said she wanted to be a dinosaur and wouldn't you know, Ellyn was able to find not just one but TWO cute, warm dino costumes for the girls.  Hazel doesn't have her own opinion yet so she gets to be whatever Abby wants her to be (for this year...).

Aren't these kids just the cutest?  The trick or treating was close by at a campground and it was just enough activity for the little kids.  The bigger kids went back out a second time while the adults finished up beer tasting but all in all, I think this little addition was a great one for 2016.

Happy beer drinking and Happy Halloween to all!!

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