Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Babies and Raspberries

Hazel is NOT afraid to eat...anything.  This kid will eat more than Abby and I combined if allowed.  Now, Abby on the other hand, she's a bit harder.  She's doing better these days and we've expanded her "yes" list quite a bit, but she's still pretty picky.  One afternoon we took a little trek out to the back corner of our yard to check on the raspberries and boy were they ready to be picked!

I planted three little tiny shoots of Raspberries 3 summers ago and this year they finally took off.  The patch filled in really well once we put a fence around the patch to keep Ryan from cutting too close to the bushes when mowing.

I was worried that Hazel would prick her fingers on the bushes, but she did great so I ran inside to grab my camera and I'm so happy I did.  These pictures just scream summer to me and I just know these will be hanging around our house in short order.

Fruit is one of the things on Abby's yes list so she's always excited to go out and help pick.  A few weeks back when Erin was out we picked some berries and then took them beside to pool to nibble and drag our feet in the water.  Abby asks if we can reenact that same scene very single time we pick berries now.  She's a creature of habit and her Mother's daughter for sure!

Yummmmm! Raspberry stains and all.  Happy Summer ya'll!

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