Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hazel's First Birthday

Well, what can I say?  We've logged yet another summer birthday party in the back yard of the McGrath home.  We've been SO lucky over the last 4 years that we've had great weather for every single kid birthday party we've had.

When we threw Abby's first birthday party we came up with a winning combination and haven't changed it since.  I'm sure by now, everyone knows what to expect.  Tables under the trees in the back yard, fried chicken from Chick 'n Dip....rainbow colored balloons tied to the chairs and lots of kids, dogs, beer and family/friends.  We've got it down pat why change it?

Hazel's first birthday was no different....and you know what, it worked perfectly.  There's not a ton to say, so just enjoy all the great pictures (courtesy of Chris Murphy).

We had such a great time and are so thankful to everyone who came out to help celebrate this little peanuts big day.  It was great to see friends we haven't seen in a long time...we really do need to be better about that!

Bubby's special birthday cupcake was a hit, as always. Abby has grown to love this little tradition and I'm sure Hazel isn't far behind.  She was tentative with the frosting at first, but it didn't take her long to figure it out.  I'm not sure why, she makes the biggest mess EVERY single meal, so why she was choosing to be neat this time is beyond me.

And, with that, sit back and enjoy the pictures!

Opening presents with kids is like trying to get cats to walk in a line. I've found it's better to just let them go crazy and try to control them to do just one present at a time giving me time to at least get the card opened and the gift written down before moving onto the next. No slow unwrapping is needed.  It's a crazy fun time and the kids love to help!

This John Deere "pooper" as Abby calls it is a big hit.  Abby likes it because it poops out balls out the back end.  Hazel loves it because she can stand on top of it like an elephant on a circus ball.  She's a crazy kid!

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