Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mini Ms. Pearl (Quilt)

You probably remember that I started quilting because of this quilt I made for Abby last year.  Well, that quilt was a queen size, and I knew it would be way to big for her for quite some time.  I wanted to make something that she could grow into and that would last her a long time.

Though we use the big quilt nearly every day I knew I also wanted to make something smaller for her that she could have and carry around now.  So, when the pattern I chose for her quilt came with a scrap saver option I knew I was in luck.  A scrap saver pattern means that you use the pieces you'd normally toss and recreate something else with them. 

So, you'll recognize the fabrics from the front of her quilt as ones we used during her weekly photo project.  That's what makes this quilt so special!!  There's been lots of love and time put into this quilt.

The pattern itself was pretty simple.  Just HST (half square triangles) arranged into a chevron pattern.  The backing was the fun part on this one.  I used Dreamlandia from Hawthorn Threads.  I think part of why I like choosing backing is because you can pick big bold prints like this and you can really see the fabric since it's not cut into smaller pieces.

The binding is called Stripe in Black by Alice Kennedy and it will likely be showing up in many of my quilts to come.  I am totally copying off one of my favorite quilting bloggers Rita at Red Pepper Quilts with this binding.  She uses it all the time and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I ordered 4 yards of it a few months back to stock pile for future quilts.  I've found that my local quilt store doesn't stock much in the way of modern quilting fabrics so I do lots of online ordering to get the bright, happy, wild you see me using.

The quilt measures 36x40 and is the PERFECT size for Abby.  I actually modeled the size after a blanket she already loves.  This size is fast to quilt and great for little ones to drag around.  Look for more quilts in this size coming from me!


  1. Love this, right down to the saucy little binding. She'll love it for years to come.

  2. I love the choice of quilting in the white with that loopy design.