Sunday, December 28, 2014

Abby's Kitchen

Nearly a year and a half ago I stumbled on this solid oak TV stand and instantly saw the perfect kitchen for Abby (read: a giant project for Ryan).  Decidedly it needed some work to get this thing looking like a kitchen, but I had a vision and a carpenter for a husband so I was set.  The stand was listed for $100 and I talked the guy down to $35. 

A year and a half later (about about 4 days of work) Ryan morphed it into this awesome looking kitchen that I can stand looking at (the plastic ones just KILL me) and Abby adores.  I figured I'd get a few questions about it so I decided to do this quick post to detail it out.  You can find a million DIY posts on the web and tons of inspiration on Pinterest but I got most of my design ideas from this post from one of my favorite bloggers.  Ryan was pretty convinced we should paint both the fridge and the stove silver to match our REAL kitchen better but I'm personally glad we decided to go with all white.  It helps it all to blend in and be less of an eye sore. 

The door of the fridge though we painted with magnetic primer so it would hold a few cute magnets just like a real fridge.  The magnetic primer is cute and a good idea but a word of warning, it holds, but you need light magnets and it probably wouldn't hold a piece of paper under the it's mostly for show. 

The oven knobs really turn and you can sort of see the light in the oven in the above picture.  We painted the inside of the over black and added a push light in the oven so it really works!!  The sink is made from a normal metal bowl and the faucet really works (well, it's not hooked up to water but the handles turn etc). 

I'm really happy with how this project turned out.  I can take exactly ZERO credit for it though.  All I did was provide the vision and point and Ryan did the rest....he's a real sweetheart!!  I think Abby will get a ton of use out of this in the years to come and I can't wait til all her little friends come over to help her cook! 

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