Monday, July 21, 2014

Hayward - the candy store

I already shared our family picture for this month from the candy store, but there were couple cute ones that I wanted to get on the blog as well.  This this one (above) where you can tell the excitement of the candy was finally setting in.

Or this one where she couldn't help be stare at the brightly colored candy jars.

And of course, this one.  This is what a sugar coma looks like.  And yes, she's got about 3 blue sharks all shoved in her tiny mouth (Daddy!).

And, for anyone that's wondering, we LOVE this baby pack.  Of all the "baby carrying" things we bought this is by far our favorite piece.  We even choose it over the stroller most days.  It's lightweight and we're lucky because so is Abby.  It holds kids up to 40 lbs and with our little peanut weighing in at just under 24 lbs we've got plenty of room to grow.  Abby likes it because she's up high and can actually see things at our level.  She doesn't squirm too much in it and has hiked for 2-3 hours this way.  If you're a new or soon to be parent and tend to be on them move as much as we are, seriously consider something like this.  You'll thank me later!

The brand of ours is Sherpani but I checked the site and I don't think they make them anymore.  We got it on super sale at our local REI where they carry many other similar packs.  I sound like a salesman but seriously, I'm not.  Just some good advice from one Mom to another.

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