Tuesday, July 22, 2014


When I started packing and getting ready to go up north I knew there wouldn't be a TON of toys for a toddler so I needed to come up with some activities that were easy to pack and a guaranteed hit.  When you're traveling for a week there is no room for one-use toys.

I came across this cool bubble maker at a friends birthday party (thanks Betsy).  There is little better than bubbles to a two year old, but a bubble maker that Mommy doesn't have to blow?  That takes the cake in my book.  If you're going to buy one, get the gallon bubble refill as well, this thing churns through bubble soap like none other.

I just couldn't resist giving this little bubble session a post of it's own.  There are too many cute, artsy, pictures in here to pick just one.

Those baby curls, they slay me!!!  I just love her pretty little blonde hair.  Now that she'll finally tolerate a rubber band or clip her shaggy baby hairstyle is finally looking like something put together.  It's not quite long enough for a fully pony yet, but I better start brushing up on my braiding skills here pretty soon.

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