Friday, March 21, 2014

Wisconsin Dells

This past weekend we joined my good friends from Freeport, Mike/Kristina/Connor, at the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.  Last year Mike and Kristina had so much fun with Connor that they invited us to join them and we couldn't pass up an opportunity to pretend winter was over and act like swimsuits were normal attire.  

We got there early Friday evening and after a quick dinner headed down to the water park to see how the kids would do.  After last winters swim lessons and a summer of using our pool we hoped that Abby would be excited to see water.  

We were wrong!  I'd wanted to try and enroll her in lessons again this winter but the timing just didn't work out.  

She hated it.  In her defense, it was loud, cool (it was warmish for us, but probably a little on the cold side for her), there were lots of people and lots of things happening, and it was past her bedtime.  Honestly, I had a feeling she wasn't going to be immediately OK since she gasps even when she gets water in her eyes in the bath tub.

We learned that this little face, is her "tell".  When she's scared or unsure, that little finger goes in her mouth and doesn't leave.

Friday night we stayed for about an hour and she eventually warmed up to it.  For a long time though she didn't leave Dad's lap and even when she did she didn't seem to sure.  To cap off the evening we decided to go on one family slide with the tube.  Abby didn't cry, but I'm also pretty sure she didn't like it.  Ryan and I even thought it was a little scary!!  It was all dark (which made me sick!!) and there were quite a few twists/turns.  It ended with a huge waterfall over your head which Abby hated.  We figured we'd tortured her enough and when back to the room to put her to bed.

Our room was great!  We'd rented a two bedroom townhouse and the bedrooms were on a second level.  We could put the kids to bed and sit up chatting/watching TV.  Connor is a trooper though and doesn't go to bed until 9 or 10 pm so he stayed up with the big kids (the adults) while Abby slept upstairs.  It was really nice to have an area where we could stay up and chat and not feel like we had to tiptoe around in a dark room whispering while Abby slept.

Isn't this little guy handsome?  Well, he's not so little.  He just turned two in Feb and outweighs Abby by at least 10 lbs.  Mike even had me carry him up the steps to one of the water slides just to get a taste of what it's like....I cried Uncle half way!!!  I didn't realize just how tiny Abby was (and how lucky I am!) until I tried lugging this guy around.

The next morning we were hopeful that Abby'd gotten over her fears and was ready to play....nope.  It took less time, but there was still a good amount of tears before she was ready to explore.  Connor even tried to comfort her with little hugs.....she wasn't having it.

Finally, things started to look up and Abby was ready to at least consider the water.  Ryan was great with her.  He sat with her and played with her until she felt ready and he was amazing at keeping an eye on her once she started to explore.  I was in charge of the camera and the adult beverages!  At one point we were sitting at our table chatting and she decided to start walking towards the water.  Ry followed her wondering how long it would take before she'd get nervous and wonder where "her people" were.  He said she walked all the way to the kiddie water area and into the water waist deep before turning around and wondering where Daddy was.  Little stinker!

She's loosing more and more of her baby features every day.  Stop it!!!  Stop growing!!

Though it started off a little shaky by the end of the day Saturday both kids were having a blast.  I wish we could have stayed one more day because I think Abby would have really had a lot more fun the third day.

All in all we had a great time and summer can't get here fast enough!!  I can't wait to start taking Abby to the parks and pools around us and just to get outside again!  It's supposed to be 50 today and I'm secretly hoping we can get out of work a little early today and maybe get some time on the swing.  We've been cooped up inside for far to long....come on summer!!!

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