Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby Blues and Bubbles

There's something about brightly colored bath toys (and cute baby butts) that makes me want to grab my camera and snap a few pictures.  That, and these blue eyes.

My grandpa Milt had the prettiest blue eyes.  Both Ryan and I have blue eyes ourselves (though he'll call his hazel and try using "that's what my drivers license says" to try and prove the point....mine says I'm 110 lbs, lets not get into the validity of those...) but I always envied the blue of my grandpa's eyes.  I'd call them ice blue if I had to put a crayon name to them.

Abby's eyes are closest in color to mine....but I can't help but see a bit of my Grandpa Milt in her eyes.  When I was pregnant and picturing what my baby would look like I always hoped she'd have blue eyes and blonde hair.  God (and genetics I suppose) didn't disappoint!

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