Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1 Family x 12 (October)

For the first time in the history of knowing Ryan, he agreed to do a couples costume.  In years past when I've mentioned it, he's quick to turn me down, but this year, when I spun it as a "family" costume, he was on board!  I wish I'd gotten a few pictures of Abby standing up because her costume is so dang cute, but I'm dressing her up for daycare tomorrow so I'll grab some then.

Didn't our costumes turn our great?  I can't take ANY credit for them.  Ellyn, Ryan's mom, spent the last two weeks working hard making our costumes great.  When I was younger, my mom hand made our costumes every year.  I vividly remember the excitement of driving to Joann Fabrics in late September and flipping through the pattern books to pick out what we wanted.  I don't remember Mom ever telling us we couldn't be something, though I do remember having to think about how I'd bundle up if it was cold.  I was everything from a pumpkin, to the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, to a ballerina.  One year my sister wanted to be a Genie....and mom racking her brains on how to make it warm enough for her while still looking like a bare bellied genie.  

Ryan's mom also made the kids costumes and Ryan is NOT easy to please, nor did he "grow out" of requesting costumes from she was not surprised at all to hear us asking for these custom made outfits.  Ryan's been everything from Darkwing Duck to the Thundercats.  He has an affinity for being scantily clad, so the idea of not having to wear pants as Fred was right up his alley.

With two great seamstresses in the family I'm debating if I want to take over the costume making for Abby as she grows up, or just keep letting the grandmas do what they do best :O)

More pictures from the party to come tomorrow.  Happy Halloween!

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