Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby shower

I know, I'm all out of order and WAY late! To be honest, what happened was, well, I had a baby! I didn't end up going back to work after this wonderful shower the ladies from work threw me, so I didn't get the pictures until I returned to work. So, excuse the lateness, but this shower was too cute not to blog.

I'll start with my favorite part of the whole shower.  Sue and Jennifer came up with the cutest shower game.  They had everyone write one line of the following song.  It turned out so cute and funny!

Ode to Sadie and Her Baby (sung to the "Beverly Hillbilly's" tune):
Come and hear a lil' story 'about Sadie and her Baby
How many diapers Sadie has to change
Then one day she was scooping up some poo,
and into the bathroom, she flushed it down the loo.
Poop that is, stinky, smelly!

Next thing ya know, they ran out of fancy diapers,
Sadie yells at Ryan - "you need to go get yourself to Meijers!"
Next think you know Ryan is buying diapers
and because he loves her so he also buys her diamonds.
Flawless, that is! 3 Carats! Extra large

*It's funny because I'm adding the pictures now, four months after Abby was born.  It's so strange to see these pictures, and amazing how quickly you forget the "being fat" part :O)

Wasn't dessert pretty!  If you know me, you know it's totally normal that I'd start with posting pictures of dessert first.  Especially when I was pregnant, I just couldn't get enough sweets!

Such a special group of ladies.  They are all so sweet and I'm lucky to call them all friends.

Sue made these cute little diaper pins.  It was a shower game too.  One of them had a "poop" in it (I think it was a chocolate chip).  So cute and Pinterest worthy!

Pretty flowers from Jennifer.

Ug...thank god I've lost most of that baby weight!  But the booties from Sue deserved special mention.  They are just about big enough for Abby so I'm going to have to break them out soon.  Oh, and they were hand knit, so you know they hold a special place in my heart.

The ladies from work also helped with Abby's photo project by donating yards of fabric.  Isn't this one from Jennifer amazing?  I'm going to have to figure out something special to do with it when I'm done with it.

This one was from Sue.  It is so bright and colorful, it's perfect for my little Peanut!!  Check out Abby's Photo Blog to see how my photo-a-week project has been going.

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