Thursday, December 1, 2011

She said it better than I ever could....

Disclaimer:  I didn't write this, I wish I did, but I didn't.  She just summed it up more eloquently than I could.  So, with that being's how I'm feeling:

Dear  Non-knitters who love a Knitter,
Today is the first of December, and I think it's probably pretty inevitable that you've heard from someone by now that Christmas is coming. (Pro-tip: They have scheduled it on the same day as last year. I think it's pretty consistent.) While regular people are about to have a very busy month, Knitters are under a special and unique strain.  They have to do everything that regular people do, and in addition,  they are undoubtedly knitting one or more items as gifts for Christmas, maybe for you.   They are going to need special love and attention for the upcoming month, and we can talk about that more later, but for now, this is all you need to know. The knitting all-nighters, the frequent trips to the yarn store, the desperation and sobbing when the last darning needle is gone, the way that at least once in the next month they're going to yell "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND WHY WOULD I WANT TO GO TO A MOVIE WITH YOU I CAN'T CABLE IN THE DARK YOU ARE SO INSENSITIVE" is about to start for you and your knitter. (If you know or are related to more than one holiday gift knitter, you may want to connect with others in the comments so that you can form a support group.  Multiple knitter contact in December can be emotionally difficult.)

Some of you may believe that it's the knitters choice about whether or not he or she does this to themselves every year, but it isn't. For many knitters who suffer from this variant, there is no choice.  Sure as a nightingale has to sing, a gift knitter must knit - and the opportunity to knit a gift is - to your knitter, a chance to make the love that they feel in their hearts tangible, visible and warm.  No matter how it looks (and we admit, it is difficult to see the love when a hat knitter is using filthy language to describe Aunt Alice's head size at 3am) gift knitting is a powerful and meaningful expression of human affection.  Each stitch contains the most precious thing a knitter can give - time and talent, and every person who receives said gift of time and talent should be nothing short of stunned with joy and gratitude.  Think about it.  Other people are going to spend 20 minutes at the mall picking out a present for you.  Your knitter loves you so much that their gift to you took hours and hours and hours of time that nobody else deserved.

I love this blog (go ahead and call me a dork, it's fine *smile).  And she is offering up 1 gift idea per day that all you Non-Knitters could give to a Knitter (like me).  Although it's only day 1 and I can't read her mind, I have a feeling I will like/love anything that she suggests.

So, this post serves a dual purpose.  First, it helps me express exactly why I've been feverishly knitting for at least 3 hours a night this past week (and will continue to do so up until Christmas).  And second, it serves as a way to (conspicuously) add a few items to my Christmas list. 

P.S.  I will start my "Christmas" knitting in June next year!

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