Monday, March 21, 2011

A new basement for the lake

Last weekend while Brenna and I were away having fun in Florida on Ladies Weekend, our hubbies, and parents-in-law headed out to the lake house to start work on the big project for 2011.  This year they decided to sink a few dollars into the downstairs area making it more comfortable and more conducive to just hanging out.

Since I was away in the sun last weekend, I don't have any "before" pictures to share with you, but I do have plenty of "durings" and "afters" for you all.  Last weekend they started on the priming and painting on the dark colored panelling in the basement.  They painted all the little metal pieces that go between the ceiling tiles, and installed a new door to the real basement of the house.  They painted and painted and painted and decided we would be back the next weekend to finish up.

PHEW!!  What a mess....and this is 1/2 way through the project, not a "before"!!

Looking at what was left it sure didn't feel like we had much to do this weekend, but, like most projects, things have a way of getting away from you and often, one project quickly turns into many more.  The plan for this weekend was to finish up the painting, build valence boxes for the new shades, cover up the metal load bearing pole with a nice wood cover, then rearrange the furniture and snippity snap we would be done :O)

Another mess....but, it looks like work is getting done!

I had to sneak in a pic of my cute doggies.  "Hey mom, whatcha doing??"

Grandpa helps by "supervising", but I have to be careful, I spent some time "supervising" right there on the couch next to him :O)

EEKKK!!! A new hole, I thought we were working on wrapping this baby up! 

Hang those tiles Jer!

The lovely new pole Ryan built.  It looks SOO much better!
 Hahaha...who knew it would turn into a few other jobs along the way.  We ended up taking out an old air conditioner in the wall, fixing a few of the windows and placing the ceiling tiles (which might seem like it would be a simple job...but take my word, it's quite the project!).

Anyways, we finally made it home around 9pm Sunday night but the project is mostly (*wink*) mostly finished.  Just a few finishing touches and Lake Projects 2011 should be mostly complete!!

The view from the stairs, looking right.

The view from the stairs, looking left.

AND DONE!  (at least for this weekend)

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