Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas 2016

Yes - I'm a little late in posting this, but it was too good to keep for myself.  Christmas was just as magical as I'd hoped.  I took very few pictures because I wanted to be there, soaking it all up and not worried about getting it all on film.  But, I had to get at least one of these two cuties by the tree before the present madness began.

Santa brought two big scores - a Hatchimal, which Abby desperately wanted ever since she saw the add on the front of the Target toy book.  Of course it was the years hottest toy and Santa had to work extra hard to get on for her (of course...).  The second big winner of the year was Sky High Bridge Jump.  It's a Thomas the Train toy that involves a train jumping nearly 3 feet to the next track.  Both the kids (and the dad's) loved it.

We spent Christmas day at home in our jammies with our most favorite people...our family.  We ate way too much food, drank a few too many beers and enjoyed our tiny little bubble of Christmas.  It was amazing and Abby is already asking how many more days until Christmas again.

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