Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Eggs 2016

Well, another holiday is in the books.  Ryan and I are finding the holiday's just keep getting more and more fun as the girls get older.  Abby totally understands the whole holiday process now.  We talk about it for a few weeks before, decorate, make crafts, read books, get excited.  Then, for an entire week we celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

Between daycare activities, the things we plan for them at home, and grandparents, Abby and Hazel often get more than one chance to celebrate.  See for them, the Easter Bunny came three times this year.  Once to Kelly's, once at home, and once to Aunt Jan's house.  Shoot, I have a feeling we'll be seeing Peter Cottontail one more time in Iowa in a few weeks with my family.

We did Easter eggs this year with Baby Stella...who really is no longer a baby.  We were definitely missing Kayden and Lincoln, but maybe we can do Easter eggs with them next week as well.

Stella is donning a tiny Christmas apron that my Mom made for Abby last year.  It's rather funny.  

Even Hazel got in on the fun for a little bit.  Sunday dinners with friends are the best!!

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  1. when I see love and passion through the walls...That's I call a SUPER FAMILY