Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Tree Cutting 2015

Ryan's family has a tradition of cutting a Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving.  While I grew up with a fake tree and have loved the convenience of grabbing it from the attic, not debating over the height and width our house could accommodate and the ease of tossing it right back in the attic year after year, I've come to love this tradition and look forward to it each year.  Besides, we wouldn't be McGrath/Ritterbuschs' if we didn't have traditions!

A REAL smile from my little peanut is hard to come by these days.  She's in that whiney three year old phase and has learned the fake "Cheese" smile (below) so I love when I can snag a real one on film.  Abby was very excited to talk to Mrs. Clause.  She asked for "Jakes", as in Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  I think I'm going to sit down and help her write a letter to Santa mostly because I want to document all the hilarious things she asks for year over year.  She told Ryan the other day that she wanted "salads" for Christmas so it should be interesting!

She got her pick of either the Santa cookie, a Snowman, or popcorn...who is surprised that she picked Santa??

Mostly I'm just excited for the photo montage that we'll be able to create one day documenting how our family has grown and aged.  It was just two short years ago that I was carrying Abby around in the carrier inside my coat!

We picked a rather short tree this year because we decided to put it in the basement instead of our upstairs living room.  In the winters we spend most of our evenings downstairs by the warm fire.  And, since I work from home, in the basement office, I pretty much spend my entire day downstairs.  Now, when I look out the office door I get to see our pretty Christmas tree all decorated and twinkling all day long.  Talk about a day improver!!

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